Part of the flock

Part of the flock

Furniture precision

Flokk is a leading manufacturer of quality office seating solutions — the parent company of a growing family of brands. The new identity builds upon the foundational values of the company: a passion for process, design, materials, and pristine manufacturing precision. Taking inspiration from work environments themselves, the logo represents an assembled flock of individual office furniture.

Arranged patterns symbolizing mass production and the flock

Flokk is already a success. Clearly capturing who we are and our ambitions moving forward.

Christian Lodgaard – Senior Vice President, Products & Brands

Brand strategy and film by Maskinen. Flokk/RBM chair product photos by Jonas Lindström. Factory/employee photos by Anne Valeur.


Back to the essence

Together with the strategists at Maskinen, we helped Flokk (formerly Scandinavian Business Seating) find a new name and a position that highlights and represents their true passion and expertise. Flokk is Norwegian for ‘herd’ or ‘flock’. The name draws inspiration from Flokk’s collection of brands, and from its method and mindset of work and interaction, namely a group of people defined by their shared enthusiasm, ideas and values.

A part of the process involved figuring out that Flokk isn’t just about business seating anymore. The company has some of Europe’s top furniture designers on their team, with an extreme passion for process, design, textiles, materials and manufacturing. The brand naturally needed to reflect some of that expertise and enthusiasm.